Hello. I'm Mat Venn.

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I'm a multi-discipline, award-winning design director and lead product designer, based in London

I write about design, UX and tech on Medium

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I have a first class track record of running large teams, providing critical guidance to designers as well as oversight and governance at the highest level, for agencies and organisations large and small. I also write, speak and consult on most aspects of digital product design, UX and technology
On design leadership


I’ve been in design for nearly three decades now. I’ve been successful in every design discipline, from brand, identity, art direction and UX to running the design teams on next-generation digital transformation projects for large institutions, banks, financial services, utlities, startups, scaleups and SMEs
Make UX simple again


I’ve worked on a large number of highly technical and complex digital products, gaining a significant  knowledge base of how constraints, data, business logic, code, roadmap and other factors influence the design process, along with promoting a symbiosis between design, product and engineering


A traditional classic graphic design education and typography background, along with a career-long respect for the principles and practices of good human-centred design. I strive for best in class UI, gestalt principles, heuristics, attention to detail, finish and finesse and apply these to digital product design
I ♥ Typography